Saturday, October 17, 2015

Obamacare Failing

Oct. 15, 2015 Washington Post reports on Obamacare failure:
The Obama administration is predicting a meager increase next year in the number of Americans with private insurance through the Affordable Care Act — a forecast, far below previous government estimates, that signals the obstacles to attracting people who remain uninsured....

Still, substantive forces are at work behind the calculation. According to HHS estimates, about 10.5 million uninsured people are eligible to buy a health plan on the exchange, and they are proving more difficult to reach than those who bought coverage early on.

In addition, federal health officials point out that the dynamics of insurance coverage have not been playing out as analysts expected. Fewer employers have dropped health benefits for their workers, and fewer consumers have switched from older policies they purchased on their own. Both factors, HHS officials say, play into their projection of how many people are likely to gravitate to the exchanges....
The sign-up period also will test consumers’ willingness to renew insurance that tends to come with greater out-of-pocket expenditures and a smaller choice of doctors, compared with the typical health benefits Americans get through their employers.
 Strange.  I thought one of the arguments for Obamacare was that lots of Americans wanted health insurance but couldn't get it.  Now it turns out that many don't want what is available.  The enormous deductibles are what makes Obamacare hard to sell.  It turns out the geniuses in the Democratic Party who came up with this really had no idea what people wanted.  This is the core problem of liberalism: it is based on rich people's guilt, not what poor people want or need.

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  1. Not only do they not know what is really needed it obviously is also driven by the arrogant belief that they know better than poor people and other groups they want to control and lord over.

    I fall into the category of not being able to afford their insurance though not technically poor so I can't receive their help (so called as it isn't really help) nor am I willing to subject myself to the humiliation of asking for or accepting it.

    My only regret is paying the high premiums when I couldn't really afford it and never even went to a doctor while insured. It would have been cheaper to pay the penalties. Now I will pay the penalties since I no longer have the money to pay the ridiculous premiums. God I hate the @ssholes that are mandating this sh*t! Starting with the biggest phony @sshole in the White House.

    But since I'm a middle aged white guy and NRA member I am obviously evil and deserve to be punished by them.