Friday, October 23, 2015

Sounds Like The Premise For A Bad Sci-Fi Film

Like one of the awful movies made for Sci-Fi Channel like Pterodactyl.  From Oct. 23, 2015 Los Angeles Times:

Officials squabble as underground fire burns near radioactive waste dump in St. Louis area

A fire is smoldering beneath a landfill in a densely populated suburb of St. Louis — and it has been there for five years.

Underground landfill fires, or "smoldering events" as some officials call them, aren't rare. What makes the fire at the landfill in Bridgeton, Mo., so unusual is that it's less than a quarter of a mile from a large deposit of nuclear waste — with no barrier in its way.

The radioactive legacy of St. Louis' role in the World War II atomic weapons program has unleashed Cold War-style nuclear paranoia in the area, as some residents debate what kind of gas masks to buy or whether to move away.
Imagine the mutants that will result!  Beer cans crossed with dirty disposable diapers, slowly crawling towards the Discovery Arch.  In answer to the question, move away.

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  1. What's the total amount of radioactive material there in Banana Equivalent Doses?