Monday, April 7, 2014

You Can See Why The Leftists in Silicon Valley Back People Like Obama

The gruesome details about a wage-fixing scheme by all the big guys in Silicon Valley, in which they agreed to not hire from each other in some cases, and at least not to cold call each other's employees in most cases, in order to prevent wages from rising.  When the U.S. DOJ took them to court, they were basically told, "That's illegal.  Don't do it again.  There will be no penalties for what you did."  Which is what you would expect of Obama's DOJ -- a system for making the 0.01% richer.

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  1. Not news, this kind of junk has been going on forever in SV. I had this happen to me back when I last went into the market over a decade ago. A certain very well known tech CEO prevented two startups he was on the board of from extending me an offer so that I would "choose" the one he wanted me to take.

    I didn't choose any of them once I found out from another board member I knew from school, naturally. I've been jaded on SV for quite some time.

    I hope that the civil class action takes those companies to the cleaners. Obama owed too much to tech titans for his electoral victory to have any interest in getting them to follow the law, but maybe greedy lawyers can make them regret their actions.