Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why Was This So Unobvious?

I bought a used Toshiba Portege R500 for my wife a few months back, and it has worked very well.  It is also incredibly compact, so we use this for church to project sermon notes, song lyrics, and so on. 

I decided that it is a darn nuisance to keep unplugging all the USB connectors, the VGA port, external keyboard and mouse, etc. on Sunday morning, and ditto after church, so I ordered a used Toshiba Slimline docking station for it -- all of $35.  It docked just fine, with the only external device that did not seem to have a home on the docking station being the microphone and external speakers.  Since my wife almost never uses the microphone, it just means one connector to connect/reconnect each Sunday.

But how the heck do you undock it?  On my docking stations, there is one button or lever.  What seemed to be the right lever would not move without the horrible feeling that something was going to break.  I did a lot of hunting, and finally found the answer here.  There is a button that can be either in the locked or unlocked position, so that you can secure the notebook from being carried away -- and this button was in the locked position.  As soon as I unlocked it -- voila!

This is primarily in case someone else has the same problem, and has trouble finding the answer.

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