Monday, April 21, 2014 Click-N-Ship: Now I Know Where The Team Went!

I mentioned Saturday that Click-N-Ship software, while a little clumsy in places, at least worked, is no longer operable -- and for huge numbers of people.  I could not get through to a live person after an hour wait, and they are not responding to my email requests for support.  My guess is that the team responsible for had to find something new to destroy.

I am reduced to sending my wife to the post office tomorrow to ship these orders out over the counter, which costs more, and is less convenient.  I wonder if Click-N-Ship will ever work again?

Unfortunately, the alternatives are completely impractical.  UPS ground shipping to France, instead of $53.10 for Click-N-Ship, or about $60 at the post office counter, is more than $200.

And don't kid yourself that is fixed.  I had originally signed up there to find out what the Idaho health insurance exchange would charge me for coverage if I quit my day job.  I never actually completed the application process, but I now get reminders from the federal government that it isn't too late to sign up!  But when I click the link to go back and at least clarify that I am not looking for coverage -- 404 errors, each and every time.

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  1. Although it took a while to log in, I successfully used Click-n-Ship Monday evening.