Sunday, April 6, 2014

Such Sneaky People, Those Auctioneers

Perhaps I am not Machiavellian enough in my understanding of human nature.  I am reading a Province of New Jersey statute from 1768 that along with severe regulation of taverns, complains that "vendue masters" (auctioneers) being in the habit of providing liquor to those who are bidding in order to "advance the Price."  They therefore prohibit auctioneers from providing liquor.  In Acts of the General Assembly of the Province of New Jersey (1776), pp. 302-3.

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  1. My first thought was that I would go to a lot more auctions if they had free beer. And then it hit me that one of the few reasons that I go to Atlantic City is for the free alcohol on the gambling floor.

    So maybe it's a good thing that there is no alcohol at an auction.