Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Plan WAY Ahead For Yellowstone

I have started to make plans for a trip to Yellowstone in mid to late May -- and discovered that I should have been making reservations last year.  The prices are outrageous and room availability is very limited.  I knew that Yellowstone is one of America's great attractions, but I was not prepared for how much of an attraction it is.


  1. Plan early for even close to Yellowstone.

    25 years ago I was driving to visit folks in Rexburg. I arrived what I thought was late enough to disrupt - the family waking children and such - though the family was still awake with lights on. I decided to check in to a motel for the night. I couldn't find a single motel room from Pocatello north; that is within a reasonable drive of the Park. In the end I parked in their driveway and slept in the car before joining them for breakfast.

  2. It all depends on when you want to go and how you want to stay there. I took the kids camping there in late August last year and we had no troubles getting a spot in one of the big-two campgrounds in there with no reservations.

    So it all depends on how you want to stay. Try renting an RV to stay in the park and you will probably do ok in May if you don't feel like tenting. Hotels require a serious lead time because of all the foreign tourists who pass through there. There's also a nice campground in the state forest just outside the West Entrance that's really nice if you don't want to deal with the often crowded Madison campground.

  3. Come visit Mt Rainier and Mt St Helens instead. Only about 80 miles further, and I'll throw lunch or dinner into the deal!

  4. Of course there's a shortage. Much of the supply is controlled by the federal government.