Sunday, April 27, 2014

Had To Punch Another Hole in the Belt Yesterday, Inward

What a tragedy.


  1. Yay! I may get to do that with my belt in the next couple of weeks. Fighting the middle-aged spread.

  2. What is your goal weight, and how tall are you?

    Be judicious in obtaining your balance or weight set point. Much of the information regarding weight is wrong. The better medical research (as well as anecdotal reporting of which I have personally witnessed) is that people carrying more weight have better long term health outcome, and particularly following a serious illness or injury. I am not arguing in favor of morbid obesity, just against the current "popular" understanding of what constitutes a healthy weight, much of which is based upon cultural assumptions rather than good science.

  3. I am 5'11". I weighed 165 pounds in my first year at USC, but it was a scrawny 165 pounds. (How did I do that? I walked four miles to school every day for six weeks in 11th grade, and it took a couple of years of Mexican food and cheeseburgers to make me porky.) I think for my age (57) and my frame, 190 is an appropriate aspirational goal, but even 200 would be just fine. I still look a little chunky, which is why I am aiming at 190.