Thursday, April 10, 2014

On The Pages of Nature: An Admission That The Planet Has Not Warmed in Sixteen Years

Average global temperatures hit a record high in 1998 — and then the warming stalled.
For several years, scientists wrote off the stall as noise in the climate system: the natural variations in the atmosphere, oceans and biosphere that drive warm or cool spells around the globe. But the pause has persisted, sparking a minor crisis of confidence in the field. Although there have been jumps and dips, average atmospheric temperatures have risen little since 1998, in seeming defiance of projections of climate models and the ever-increasing emissions of greenhouse gases. Climate sceptics have seized on the temperature trends as evidence that global warming has ground to a halt. Climate scientists, meanwhile, know that heat must still be building up somewhere in the climate system, but they have struggled to explain where it is going, if not into the atmosphere. Some have begun to wonder whether there is something amiss in their models.
And yet the religious fanaticism certitude of the Gaea-worshippers continues.


  1. "Some have begun to wonder whether there is something amiss in their models."

    Well, duh!

    I guess they aren't as good at reading the tea leaves as they thought.

    Here's some good advice: if you are going to predict the future, make sure you predict far enough out that you won't be around when you are proven wrong.

  2. If reality doesn't match the models, change the Reality.