Monday, April 7, 2014

I Am Disappointed, But Not Surprised

From April 7, 2014 Washington Post:
The Supreme Court declined on Monday to consider whether a New Mexico photographer had a right to refuse service to a same-sex couple who wanted her to record their commitment ceremony.
I am not terribly surprised.  There was, to my knowledge, no circuit split, and the right of states to pass whatever foolish laws on this subject is pretty much unlimited.  If they wanted to prohibit discrimination against men with beards, that would be within the authority of state or local governments.  In addition, Justice Kennedy is probably why there were not enough votes to bring this to the Court.  Kennedy tries very hard to give the impression of being a libertarian, not a conservative, but in practice, when there is a genuine conflict between the liberty interests of a religious majority and the demands of a sexual minority,  you can count on him to always side against liberty.

Some years ago, there was a case where a group of neo-Nazis sat down to eat at a German restaurant in California, wearing swastika lapel pins.  The restaurant asked them to remove the swastikas, or leave.  This led the restaurant to call police, who removed the neo-Nazis.  The ACLU, of course, filed suit on their behalf.  California's Unruh Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on (among other things), political activity.  Another victory for neo-Nazis and the ACLU, and loss for private property rights.

I suppose the only thing that would have made the case even more attractive to the ACLU would be if they were drag queens carrying feather boas and a banner describing themselves as the Fabulous Fascist Ernest Roehm Brigade -- then the ACLU could have sued for sexual orientation discrimination and political discrimination.

There are enough conservatives left in the country -- and libertarians who actually believe in liberty -- that we could probably take back this country, but there just aren't any rich conservatives or libertarians willing to spend any money on changing the cultural environment by making films.  They would rather blow it on political campaigns that are destined to fail.

I see a lot of discussion of the advantages of retiring to Belize.  It sounds better and better all the time.  This country is headed towards Pink Swastika status -- perhaps followed by Islamic States of America.  And by that point, there won't be enough conservatives or libertarians left to stop the slaughter of homosexuals.


  1. I share your despair.

    I've been called some pretty bad names, including by former coworkers, just for saying that I oppose gay marriage.

    The country is getting fascistic, faster than I would have expected. Belize isn't a solution, though. If the US goes, the world goes.

  2. "I have money, therefore your principles mean nothing, Dance for me Christian, dance!" that's what I get out of this whole thing.

    Of course, I'll believe it's not typical Leftist using the law to club Christianity over the head business if they can turn it around and Christians can sue if a Gay & Lesbian bookstore refuses to sell someone Bibles or say, Fred Phelps literature. I mean, if your principles are not allowed to sand in the way of someone with money commanding you to serve them....

  3. I actually have to agree with the ACLU. It's a bad law and if no one challenges it then it effectively just protects special groups. These anti-free association laws should be taken to the extreme so people realize they don't really have choice. We lost the freedom when they were passed, we're just noticing it now.

    Just so you don't think I'm ankle biting, I agree with 99% of what you write on this topic. You do great work.

  4. Now see if I were the photographer I would have advised them that I did not want their business.

    When forced by the law to take their business I would have gone ahead and taken the pictures without complaint.

    And you can be assured that I would have done my very best possible work.

    Ok, maybe not that day, but some day near that day. What can you say, sometimes you're just a little off your game.

  5. Bad work! Obvious discrimination! Then they sue you for the bad work you did (which might even have been perfectly fine work).

  6. Belize is not an option. My Father-in-law lived there for over 20 years and had to finally leave because it is no longer safe. you will find more government and police corruption and no legal rights to defend yourself. Your best bet is to move to a Red state.

  7. Ursa: I wish that I could say that I am shocked. Can you give some examples? I already live in Idaho, a red state, but I don't think any of the red states are going to stay red since the left controls all the entertainment media, and the right doesn't want to want get rich by working in that arena.