Sunday, April 6, 2014

Do Hummingbirds Hitchhike On Canada Geese?

This website indicates that yes, at least sometimes they do!

This came up at church today.  One gal at church is Native American, and she mentioned that in her tribe's tongue, the Canada Goose is a "way-way."  (For the hummingbird, it is definitely a way.)


  1. I've been doing a bit of hummingbird photography lately so have been reading about the fascinating little critters.

    The idea that hummingbirds migrate on the backs of Canada geese seems to be widely thought of as a myth by those who have genuine expertise on hummingbirds. I've not been able to find any serious site devoted to birds that supports the notion that hummingbirds are hitchhikers. The best comment I've found:

    Some of the Canada Geese enthusiast sites support the idea of hitchhiking hummers, I suppose as a way to publicly offset the otherwise unpleasant attitudes usually displayed by their preferred birds.

  2. No, no, this is photgraphic evidence that Nils Holgersson has come to America. What a traveller!

    Take a look at the back of the swedish 20kr-bill.

  3. Well, it's hard to refute such enchanting evidence!