Friday, April 18, 2014

Does Conscientious Objection Only Work For Members of the Religion of Peace?

Roughly 25 Muslim drivers dispatched to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport are refusing to drive cabs adorned with advertising for the region’s upcoming Gay Games, citing religious reasons.
Two of the three companies operating at Ohio's largest airport were informed by the drivers — one-third of the airport’s total fleet — last week that they will no longer participate in the airport’s dedicated taxicab program. The companies, Ace and Yellow Taxi Cab, were told by the drivers that their decision was based on religious reasons, airport spokeswoman Jacqueline Mayo told
Imagine if Christian cab drivers had made such a refusal.  Would they still have jobs?  I rather doubt it.


  1. Jeff Soyer, who blogs at Alphecca and is gay, which I only mention because it's relevant to this story, has unkind things to say about this.

  2. No surprise: Jeff Soyer thinks freedom is like, a principle of some sort, not a tool for getting what you want when it is convenient.