Monday, April 28, 2014

Some News Articles Make You Wonder If You Are Reading News Through Some Sort of Time Wormhole

Like this April 23, 2014 Los Angeles Times article about a hotbed of male chauvinist pigs:
According to a January report from the American Philosophical Assn.'s Committee on the Status of Women, the philosophy department at the University of Colorado Boulder is a hotbed of "unacceptable sexual harassment, inappropriate sexualized behavior and divisive uncivil behavior."
It's hard to figure out exactly what the male philosophers at Boulder were actually doing in the way of "inappropriate sexualized behavior" because the committee, which seemed to have spent a full year (plus $25,000 of Boulder's money) on this witch hunt, is keeping that under wraps. The report that it issued to the public is merely a "summary" containing no specific incidences of misconduct, much less naming any names. The report did say that there was "excessive drinking" when professors and graduate students socialized together, and that "some male faculty have been observed ogling undergraduate women students.",0,1739927.story#ixzz30DEGzWiO
I suppose that we could require the male faculty to wear blindfolds, or the undergraduate women to wear burkhas. I actually do not find it implausible that the faculty at a far-left college are actually immoral pigs, hiding behind the whitewash of leftist respectability.  But I suspect that the author of the Los Angeles Times article has it more correct when she observes:
The year 1966 in China just called. They want their Red Guards back.,0,1739927.story#ixzz30DEqdPVv


  1. Good timing.

    I was just commenting to my wife that recent times remind me of the Cultural Revolution. At first, I thought Puritanism... but the Puritans weren't that extreme.

    The modern Cultural Revolutionists are motivated pretty much the same way as their Maoist predecessors: power.

    Whether it's "sexism" or "racism" or "heterosexism" or climate "denial" - the script is always the same.

    Regularly find villains. The slightest hint of thought-crime is sufficient.

    Create national publicity about them. The media loves this stuff.

    Require the person to renounce his thoughts, denounce anyone else with those thoughts, and then suffer penance.

    Or... burn him at a stake.

  2. I would not be surprised to see lefties start to recommend that women start wearing burkhas to try to stop the imagined "inappropriate sexualized behavior". It also aligns with the left's support and defense of Islam (apparently against the ravages of Western Civilization).