Friday, April 11, 2014

Recommendations For Email Clients For Windows 7?

I was planning to move away from Mozilla Thunderbird anyway, and now, Thunderbird isn't working anymore for me.  Lots of hangs.  Any suggestions?  I don't even object to a Microsoft solution.


  1. Is there a Windows version of Claws-Mail?

    I just did the switch from Thunderbird to Claws-Mail on my Linux machine.

    It took a few minutes to set up my accounts. I was afraid that it would be hard, as there isn't an import tool built. However, it turned out fairly easy.

    A number of features that are built into TBird are separate plugins for Claws-Mail. So I had to bring in those plugins.

    The basic use is nearly the same. I think Claws-Mail has lots of keyboard-shortcuts that I haven't discovered...

    Update: looks like there is a Windows port. It comes with the most useful plugins in the installer, but not enabled by default.

  2. I'm having OK luck with the Opera M2 mail client. It does mail reasonably well and is light weight and functions pretty well if you don't require a calendar program. I've used Outlook for personal use in the past, but going that way is pretty much a one-way hole since once your mail is in a pst database it's hard to pull it out to use with other tools.

    My browser of choice, though, is Comodo Dragon. It's Chromium/Chrome based, but with most of Google phone-home stuff deleted and a lot of other privacy leakage prevention. I haven't found anything that doesn't work from the Chrome store yet, and it's been running flawlessly. If you haven't tried it, I'd suggest that as a good replacement browser.

  3. Unfortunately, Opera M2 throws an exception during install then shuts my PC down (and so quickly that I can't read the complaint)! Weird.

  4. I've been using Windows Live Mail since it became available. I have several e-mail accounts -- personal, business related, and web work related -- and from different sources including Gmail and ISP provided accounts. Live Mail handles them all without a hitch.

  5. I am using eM Client ( since Pegasus apparently refused to upgrade.

  6. Windows Live email came with my Win7 installation and is working well for me. I have rather modest needs..

  7. I just installed claws on my windows 7 box. It had some trouble digesting the 5000 emails if left on the server, but now that part is done, and it seems to be OK, except for an unfortunate tendency to open and give focus to a new window underneath the current one.

    I'd been using Forte Agent, but wasn't terribly satisfied - it's a newsreader first, though it does email OK.

    I have outlook at work, and it's acceptable.

  8. I use Eudora, but that isn't really available anymore. The "New" Eudora is just a UI on Thunderbird.

  9. I've been using Eudora since 1994 or so.

    I tried Thunderbird for 4-5 months a year or two back. It had a number of idiosyncracies I could neither get used to nor work around and I went back to Eudora. I thought it was still online but it hasn't been supported for years.

    I had to use outlook for email when I was teaching classes on line. It is OK for email but nowhere near as good as Eudora.

    If anyone wants a copy of the last version 7.1, I think, Drop me a note at john@changeover dot com

    John Henry

  10. I'm dumping Thunderbird as well, but frankly modern webmail interfaces are almost as good, inherently cross platform and generally work well or degrade intelligently across browsers.

    I have my "personal" email ( hosted with a Zimbra mail hosting provider (, now something else), and my "professional" mail ( is sitting in a legacy "free" hosting bucket at gmail. The gmail interface isn't as useful as the Zimbra interface.