Saturday, April 19, 2014 Click-N-Ship Bites The Dust

I have relied (and that might the operative word) on the postal service's click-n-ship service for shipping packages for ScopeRoller for some years now.  It isn't just that it is cheaper than UPS or FedEx; it was (until last night), considerably easier.  There was a single fixed price, depending on whether the flat rate box was going to the U.S., Canada, Europe, or Down Under.

Last night, I tried to use it to ship an order to France.  I told it to bill my PayPal account; it was declined.  What?  There's plenty of money there.  So then I tried a credit card.  Declined.  Then I switched to several different browsers, including Internet Explorer 8.  No different.

Then I searched a bit -- and found that lots of USPS customers are riproaring upset about this.  Apparently, to counteract various phishing schemes, USPS became a lot more demanding about matching up billing addresses to PayPal and credit card information -- but I checked.  I don't see any differences that could explain this.  I spent an hour on hold for USPS technical support, and never managed to talk to a person.  This is apparently a new problem that USPS has created, so I am not surprised that any given time there are problems thousands of upset customers online.

I could just go down to the post office and mail this -- I think -- but click-n-ship produces the needed customs documents, as well as being almost $8 cheaper than doing it at a retail location.  And they really need to get this fixed!



  1. I had a first class letter, with my check for Reno Air Races tickets take from March 26 to April 15th to arrive from Washington to Utah.

    This is why they fail.

  2. IE 8? A little behind the times.