Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yes, I Guess There Were Some Mental Problems

The young man being held for the mass stabbing seems to have some serious problems, alright.  From April 11, 2013 Fox News:
Officials say a man accused of stabbing more than a dozen people at a Houston-area college told investigators that he had fantasized about cannibalism and about cutting off people's faces and wearing them as masks.

According to a search warrant affidavit made public Thursday, Quick told an investigator that about week before the attack at Lone Star Community College in Cypress he had researched mass stabbings on his home computer.


  1. How much do you want to bet he was on Anti-depressants?

  2. Possible, but the fantasies go back many years. The mental problems almost certainly predate and are the reason for any psychiatric drugs.

  3. Is there any research on anti-depressants removing the inhibitions on the urges? That could account for part of the (I hope only) urban legend about so many mass murderers being on some variety of psychotropic drug (back to Columbine and rumors of Ritalin).

  4. I am not aware of any actual research (as opposed to anecdote storms). The problem is distinguishing results of the medications from what would have happened anyway.