Friday, April 26, 2013

All The Parts Arrived Yersterday For Big Bertha's Bariatric Procedure

The Losmandy DUP arrived; like everything Losmandy does, it is both functional and beautiful.  I'll take some pictures tonight.

The Moonlite Accessories package of black anodized aluminum tubes and the truss connectors also arrived.  Shipping was pretty high, mostly because the tubes are six feet long -- never a recipe for cheap shipping.  (I could have bought the tubes locally and reduced the costs substantially, but finding such tubes black anodized locally would have been difficult, and having them black anodized would have exceeded shipping costs.)  The tubes are beautiful; the truss connectors are even more spectacular.  The blocks are machined from black acetal.  I'll put up some pictures of these tonight as well.

I am finishing up a machining job for a friend this evening, and tomorrow I will start the grand procedure.

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