Monday, April 8, 2013

Feminism Has Been So Effective In Raising The Status of Women

From April 8, 2013 E Online:
James Deen officially has a new partner in porn: Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham.

The adult film star exclusively tells E! News his most recent project is a sex tape with the MTV reality star.

"We definitely shot a scene, and in my opinion it was very amazingly awesome,"  Lindsay Lohan's Canyons costar tells E! News, insisting he had a great experience working with the mother of one.
Remember when this would have been shameful?


  1. Define shameful. It's still a thing that'll cost you your employment, social life, and even personal safety, if it becomes public, especially for female or male-male 'performers'.

    Compared to starring in reality television, though...

  2. I rather doubt that people that make porn are regularly showing at 9-5 jobs. If they are schoolteachers, or law enforcement, yes, this is a problem. I recall some years ago a dean at one of the Catholic colleges in San Francisco lost his job after starring in a gay porn video. (Wow, who would have seen that coming? Would you have ever guessed a Catholic college would be so...narrow?) But clearly, shame in the conventional sense isn't much influencing people that do reality television.

  3. You might want to examine the demographics a little closer. The long-term professionals aren't likely to be working at a grocery store on their off hours, but that's only a fraction of the actual set : nearly half of female porn actors only act in a handful of films, and more still remain in the field only for a couple years at most.

    And that's just the conventional market -- add in the increasingly large amateur side, or types of porn such as drawn media that don't technically 'star' anyone yet still can tie that person to porn work -- and the numbers look even more unusual.

    Teachers and police officers make the biggest newspaper splashes, but folk have been fired from Subway or even seen their spouses fired from management jobs over this sort of stuff. I'm less troubled when private industry does it than the government, but it still matters when you're putting up metrics of what is or isn't shameful.

  4. When you combine the eagerness of the media to cover such things with McCain-Feingold limits on political speech and the anti-self-defense of the gun ban lobby, I see a time where the First Amendment really will apply only to nude dancing for money and the Second Amendment will only apply to hunting.

  5. I have seen increasing calls for the 2nd to be removed. Although it does speak to intellectual consistency (by recognizing that it really does mean something and is not a dead letter), they still want it destroyed because it signifies something that they oppose: liberty.

    Not freedom, not license; liberty.

    The one thing that they really do not comprehend is that the liberty that it signifies continues to exist. Either antecedent to it, or post its demise, the 2nd (like the rest) confers nothing. It simply recognizes what is.