Thursday, April 18, 2013

Talk Radio in Boise: Aiming Low

I have made repeated attempts to get into Kevin Miller's show as a guest -- no luck.  Yesterday, I called into Nate Shelman's show after the defeat of the background check bill in the Senate.  I managed to get about 20 seconds on the air discussing this new study of mine of background check laws and murder rates -- and that was it.  He apparently prefers people long on opinion and short on data.

I know that talk radio in other parts of the country doesn't pander to raging emotion and ignorance.  What is it about Boise?


  1. What little I've listened to the National shows it seems this is no different than them.

    Basically I think it comes down to a ratings game against all the other talk "news" and entertainment shows. Basically it's known as "infotainment." Blend elements of news and politics with colorful and controversial characters. That's a regular theme on the local shows. Sometimes I wonder about the "regulars" on Miller's show. Are they paid or did he just find them somewhere. For example the guy that calls in with fake voices pretending to be other people...

    It's all about ratings to get advertising fees for those shows. What really annoys me is they are now just like the local music shows in the morning. Reminds me of listening to Rick Dees down in LA, CA back in the 70's and 80's. I guess people have to be entertained in their "news" show just like the music channels.... :-(

  2. I know that talk radio in other parts of the country doesn't pander to raging emotion and ignorance.


    Every time I end up enduring any of it (here in Portland) it seems like that's the entire point...

  3. I have done a lot of talk radio shows around the country the last few months. I confess, not much in Portland. Yet there seem to be a lot of these talk shows, including in places that elite opinion regards as ignorant redneck country, who seem to be seriously concerned about public policy from a conservative or libertarian point of view.