Monday, April 1, 2013

Asphalt Quote

I mentioned that I was trying to get asphalt quotes.  I was able to get one -- and I guess that I won't be doing asphalt.  For just connecting the telescope garage to the driveway was more than $3200 -- or about $4.48 per square foot.  To do the entire triangle in front of the house was more than $5200, or about $2.23 per square foot.  Keep in mind that the surface is already graded and there is an asphalt base.

One reader pointed out that pneumatic tires on something that does not get used regularly means a lot more time pumping up tires.  At least part of the problem that I am facing when I roll Big Bertha onto the chipseal surface is the amount of weight going onto each relatively narrow wheel.  Perhaps, instead of replacing the existing four wheels, I could add four more wheels of the same size.  Right now, there is something less than 200 pounds distributed onto four very small contact patches; distributed onto eight wheels would be less than 25 pounds on each.  In addition, I think that I have enough wheels that I could not use because the caster locks do not work that I could do this without any out of pocket expenditure.  (It turns out that one particular set of casters that I use have had some problems with temper on one part; the manufacturer gladly replaces the defective casters, but it means that I end up with a number of unsaleable parts.)


  1. Clayton,

    A few questions:

    Why did the ppsq drop so much? (Size of area?)

    Would you recommend the company?

    What thickness were you considering?

  2. This was for a 2 1/2" thick layer of asphalt. The price drops dramatically as the area increases, of course, because there are certain fixed costs, whether you are doing one square foot or 10,000.

    I have no idea about the quality of work, because I have not have them do any work for me. The first asphalt contractor has since gone out of business; the second one told me that the surface would turn black with time as driving pressed the gravel into the surface. Nope.

  3. Thanks.

    I have about 5,000 Square feet I need done.

  4. Ever consider mixing your own concrete?

  5. Yes, but my time may be too valuable for this. I am not sure that it would look all that good, bringing concrete up to the asphalt driveway that is already there.

  6. What about building a track like filmmakers use for their tracking dollies?

    The popular MicroDolly stuff only supports 100 lbs, but the track and dollies are just hardware and basic cut and bolted tube and profile assemblies.

    Open the door, add the modular track extension to extend from the tiny bit of storage-track in the garage out to the viewing spot, and then slide out the scope on its stand.

  7. Examples of DIY tracking dolly and track:

    If your swivel casters extend lower than the wheels fo the track, then it would be possible to roll it freely in the garage or on smooth surfaces, but use the track for smooth movement out of the garage...