Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Illegal Mayors Against Guns

Michael Bloomberg's group is called Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  Here is a website with rap sheets on a bunch of mayors that were members of MAIG, and had...difficulties:

Gary Becker

Click the names above the rapsheets of the rest of the Gang
City: Racine, Wisconsin
Status: Former member, Mayors Against Illegal Guns.
I have long suspected that much of the "you can't be trusted with guns" stuff from these sorts is really projection: they are saying to themselves that they can't be trusted, and assume that everyone else is as out of control as they are.  In the case of Gary Becker, this March 3, 2010 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article really captures how out of control this guy was:
Racine - Two weeks before he was due to be sentenced for child sex crimes, former Racine Mayor Gary Becker visited the juniors section of a Racine department store and purchased small-size lingerie.

That revelation during Wednesday's sentencing hearing, Racine County Circuit Judge Stephen Simanek said in an unusual admission that he had changed his mind about the probation-only penalty he planned for Becker, bringing on instead a three-year prison term.

"It's almost like a death wish," Simanek said of Becker's purchase of nine bras and panties as his sentencing date neared. "It's almost like you have to be brain-dead not to understand the significance of that."

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