Thursday, April 4, 2013

Requiring ID To Vote Is A Violation of One's Civil Rights

But not to buy ammunition?  The April 4, 2013 Sacramento Bee reports that the lower house of the California legislature has approved a bill to restrict ammunition sales.  Some of the restrictions are not spectacularly unreasonable: ID to buy ammo (because local governments with such requirements have apparently found people who are prohibited from gun ownership buying ammo -- a pretty clear indication that someone is illegally in possession).  Others are a bit mystifying, such as requiring reporting of purchases of more than 3000 rounds, except by police officers.  (How many cops are buying ammunition in those quantities for official purposes?  Isn't the department buying it?)  But the biggest issue here is why is requiring you to show ID to vote a problem -- but not a problem when buying ammo?


  1. And why 3,000 rounds?

    Every Wicked Bad Mass Killer I can think of has used far, far less ammunition to perform his Wicked Mass Killing.

    Criminals also don't buy in thousand round lots, as far as I've ever heard.

    The only people that really impacts are enthusiast shooters and competitors, who are as a group completely harmless.

    (I don't think this shows that the gun controllers are Evil Monsters who want to Stop Competitive Shooting.

    I think it mostly shows that they have no idea at all about what they're doing, and have ludicrous intuitions that they think are a good basis for laws.)

  2. I think this falls into the category of

    A) We've got to do something!

    B) This is something.

    C) We've got to do this.

  3. The shortcomings of syllogistic reasoning.

  4. Why 3,000 rounds?

    Betcha if you got a candid comment from them, it would include the words "militia" and "extremists".

    Invalid, of course, but keep in mind we're talking about people who think planning for failure of the government is the same as trying to overthrow the government.

  5. I've lived in NY and then CT and in both states I always had to show my ID in order to vote! No one complained, there were no protests, no letters to the editor - no thoughts of ever changing the process. In 2 bluest of the blue states - why are there objections anywhere else?