Monday, April 15, 2013

Just A Reminder: We Are Still At War

Bombs go off at Boston Marathon, at least 12 dead; a Saudi national with shrapnel wounds is being held.

UPDATE: Count of the dead is still being widely reported as 2, not 12.  I wonder if someone saw how horribly injured some of the victims were, and assumed that they were dead.


  1. I heard this mentioned on my drive home from work. Now just an hour later and there is no mention of anyone under guard, no suspects, et al.

    However, the estimate of the dead has gone from 12 to 2. I wonder if this was just the media jumping the gun and reporting anything without substantiating it.

  2. Slightly off topic, I see many references to yesterday (15 April) being Patriots Day.....

    This from both sides of the spectrum, and even in some political cartoons.

    Patriots Day is 19 April, the day Paul Revere started his ride.

    Just one more thing MSM got wrong in their coverage. I guess getting a story out NOW is more important than checking simple things on Wikipedia - since they lack the intrinsic knowledge.