Saturday, April 6, 2013

On BBC World Service at 6:00 AM GMT Thursday Morning

It should be fun.

UPDATE: It was!  Just got off the phone -- and I nailed this interview!  I explained that I had just finished the analysis of the effects and statistical significance or murder rate changes in states with mandatory background check systems (surprise, surprise, they don't seem to make a clear difference) and then launched into why the root cause is mental health care, and Professor Segal's work that shows what does make a difference.  The interviewer was clearly unprepared for what I was prepared to do!


Now, if only there was some way to get on local radio stations here in Boise.

UPDATE: A reader found the interview and clipped it down to just my part of the news show.  This is the MP4 format version. And the MP3 version.  You will probably have to right click, Save Link As... to download these.


  1. I just heard the program on BSU Radio--satellite broadcast of BBC (it's 12:18 AM as I type this---I stayed up past my bedtime to hear it...).

    I think you did well. It was pretty short---just a few minutes. Did they cut any of it?

    I agree the interviewer--who is a guy I've listened to before--didn't seem ready to engage you at all. Somewhat surprised by that--figured he would at least have tried to change it into something like why it's so crazy to own guns, etc...the usual sort of stuff one hears on the Beeb.

    As for Idaho shows the little I've listened to Kevin Miller it's pretty clear he wants controversy and "characters" on his show to get ratings so I suppose that is why he isn't interested.

    What about the other local morning show or local evening shows? Though I imagine they will be like Miller---need colorful characters to get ratings....

    How about the City Club Forum? I've heard that on BSU radio. I think the mental health topic would be one they might be interested in.

    Have you tried to get on Piers Morgan yet? I'd love to see you chew up that jackass. Jeff Cooper would sure have described him as a hoplophobe!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I hope you just got my comment---I got an error and had to go back to this page and of course then the comment was gone but I see the "saved and approval" message at the top...

  3. It was live -- nothing cut. I'll check out City Club Forum.

  4. The whole hour is of World Serivce is here:

    They keep the programs up for about 1 week.

  5. Unfortunately, this is highlights of their broadcasts, and does not include my interview.

  6. Yoink! It's there, you just need to know where to look. I trimmed the segment with Clayton in it out and you can get it below...