Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Health Insurance Exchange Costs

During a discussion with a doctor recently, he mentioned that one of the reasons that his medical group was considering dropping health insurance for all their employees (along with fattening the bonus checks of the doctors who own it) is that because all of their employees (except the doctors) made less than $93,000 a year, the out of pocket expense under the health insurance exchange would be a maximum of $2250 per year per person.  

I don't see how this is possible, except with massive subsidies from state and federal government.  But if this is true, it might make it possible for me to retire from my day job, and do something that really matters.  (Obviously, no one is going to pay me to work on gun rights issues.)  Has anyone seen any hard numbers on actual costs under the exchanges?  I would expect that some states will have lower costs than others -- and that might be an incentive for people who might be able to afford early retirement to move.

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  1. Of course, if health plans through the exchanges are capped at $2250/person, and that's less than the cost of health care, either there will be subsidies, or limits on coverage. Since ObamaCare spells out a lot of what has to be covered (not just birth control), the limits are likely to be bureaucratic - the health plan will stall and delay and deny claims, etc.