Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Don't Be Stupid

It is amazing how often someone tries to make a bomb, and the intended target never even hears about it.  From April 16, 2013 KTVB:
MALHEUR COUNTY -- Authorities have released the names of two men critically injured after they allegedly triggered several homemade bombs in an isolated stretch of Oregon rangeland Sunday.

Sixty-year-old Drex Brooks and 59-year-old Mark Brinton from Ontario are the men responsible for the blasts, according to Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe.

Brooks is listed in serious condition at a Portland hospital. At last word, Brinton was in critical condition at a Boise hospital.
I am reminded of the Weather Underground bomb maker who experienced a sudden career end.  According to the version that I heard from an acquaintance who was part of the New Left back then, one of these fools was making bombs in a New York City brownstone, while smoking.


  1. good thing those weather underground scum were dopes, and a shame that Bill Ayres and that murderess Bernadine Dohrn avoided joining them in hell.

  2. And in this case, it might very well be that these guys were making bombs "because kaboom is fun", rather than "to attack anyone".

    Goes on in rural areas all the time, after all; there need not have ever been an "intended target".

  3. Having grown up in somewhat-rural Boise, Idaho, I'm guessing that Sigivald may be right. My buddies and I (young and foolish) occasionally made "demolition forays" into the desert. I remember in particular an occasion when we sent an old, abandoned washer probably 100 feet into the air with a homemade pipe bomb.

    In retrospect, it's probably only by sheer luck that I survived to "old foolishness." And the same thing may be true for these yahoos.

    (Or... maybe their walls are festooned with Nazi flags, anti-gummint slogans, etc. - ya just never know.)