Monday, April 15, 2013

Time To Find My Spent Brass

I have a bit of spent brass lying around; it appears that it is time to dig it out and see about having a friend reload some of it.  Remember when you could buy a box of 50 9mm FMJs for $9.95?  Cheaper Than Dirt wants $69.59.  Over at LuckyGunner, they have it for $40.25 a box of 50.

I am tempted to go out to the nearby shooting area on BLM land, and start mining reloadable brass.

UPDATE: It turns out that my reloading friend discovered that there are no primers or bullets available.  Everything is hideously priced, but it doesn't matter, because everything is out of stock. Used brass is now expensive and scarce.  Maybe the mining idea isn't so silly.


  1. only problem with "mining" brass, is that can you really know how many times it's been used?

  2. You don't know. But you throw away the split or severely mangled cases, and give reloaders a bargain price, figuring that they are going to recognize which are too old to use. Think of it as being green. Perhaps I could apply to the Obama Administration for a grant?

  3. Mining that brass for yourself is probably OK, and it's most likely once-fired. After all, if a reloader shot it, he'd have picked it up.

    Good luck on selling the stuff, if that's your plan. I have a bunch of what appears to be once-fired .38 Special brass, all in good shape. Looking on the 'net, I see it for $70.00/thousand, but "out of stock, sorry". I've managed to peddle some for $40.00, but not much for very much more than that.

  4. Don't throw away split cases.

    Brass scrap is going for between $1.50 and $1.75 a pound around here.

  5. Time to revive the muzzle-loader?