Saturday, September 24, 2022

The Crazy is Strong

 Some conspiracy buffs that I know believe the U.S. is already fighting in Ukraine.  The evidence I was shown was a YouTube video pointed to was something called  Even his video admits that American and British soldiers are volunteers or paid by the Ukranian government.  He uses an unnamed source for the claim of U.S. forces fighting in Ukraine.  So I went a little deeper to finding out what this "news" organization (based in Tennessee) was.  They seem to cover  everything BUT Israeli news: vaccine conspiracy; how Trump will replace Pence as Vice-President (talk about news with an expiration date); New Global World Order; oh and Navy SEALS fighting fallen angels in Antarctica; FreeMasons founded Israel; lots of stuff that smells like anti-Semitism wrapped in a very misleading name.  

The A-10s in the video are more persuasive.  If this was staged, it would require U.S. military assistance.  I can easily believe we might have turned over some A10s to the Ukrainian Air Force, and trained some of their pilots since February.   Can any of you see any holes in that footage?

Of course, with the A-10s distinctive shape, the Russians would have video on antisocial media.  Where?

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  1. The A-10 footage looks like an Air Force demo. The targets look like old Improved Tow Vehicles (ITV), which the US doesn't use any more. The terrain is from the western US desert, likely one of the ranges in California or Nevada.