Monday, September 19, 2022

Today's Access Question

 I cannot figure out the right way to search for the answer.  I have a dropdown list with a number of entries:

Two of the entries are almost identical: MI (for mental illness) and MI? (mental illness possibly?).  This works well.  I can select either or type in MI or MI?  Now I want to add PPD (postpartum depression) and PPD? (for possibly).  I added both choices to my cause table, but only PPD shows up on the dropdown list and PPD? is not allowed as an entry?  Any idea why?

Never mind.  I needed to close and reopen the table containing the dropdown list.  This is really not so surprising.

I went through and recoded a number of mental illness or ? to postpartum depression or ?  I still need to find the ages of the children in some of these incidents, so back through hundreds of links.  Without some other apparent cause, I am assuming mother slaughtering all the kids if one is under one year is probably postpartum depression.  Under three, maybe.

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