Tuesday, September 27, 2022

What Size Nukes Might Russia Send?

9/22/22 SkyNews says Russian ICBMs carry 300 to 800 kiloton warheads.  NukeMap says light blast damage to about 11 miles.  I used the air burst option because that maximizes blast damage.  I am thinking that the master bedroom closet might be the best choice.  There are no windows.  The additional walls and distance from any exterior radiation sources.  Ground radiation to my surprise exceeds roof radiation.  (There is a limited amount of fallout piled on the roof.  Fallout outside can be pouring radiation at you from hundreds of feet away.)  

Use the shelves in the closet to stack ammunition.   They will not hold entire cases, but lots of individual boxes will not strain the shelves.  The laundry room appliances provide coverage from the west.  Moving more furniture to the bedroom to provide protection from the east.  Ditto for all canned foods.  The water heater helps from the north. Distance alone helps from the south.  

Also, the master bathroom is immediately adjacent to the closet.  This simplifies waste issues with only brief raised exposure.


  1. No basement?

    Also, if you can arrange it, a washdown system to flush fallout (which is dirt and dust with radioactive material stuck to it) away from the house is good. It can be as simple as putting a lawn sprinkler on the roof, depending, on the roof, and something similar around the perimeter.

    And have a method to decon after you are outside: Simple tyvek suits and respirators will do, a kids wading pool and a pump sprayer with water to rinse off, etc.