Saturday, September 17, 2022

If You Do Not Want Illegal Aliens on Your Island of White Privilege..

Maybe stop encouraging them to cross the border illegally and ship them around at federal expense.  I feel sympathy for people being moved around as political pawns but no sympathy for people putting up "There are no illegal people."  No says there are.  There are people who unlawfully entered the U.S.  if that does not bother you, please leave your windows and doors unlocked tonight and use appropriate signage to advertise this fact.  

You have not done that.  I guess we know why.  Privileged people need cheap, easily frightened gardeners, maids, cooks, and low rent children.  Their corporations need cheap farm workers to keep wages of lawful residents down, while pretending they ate looking out for the little guy. 

1 comment:

  1. They are looking out for the little guy. They want to find him so they can hire him at beggar's wages. If they could vigorously negotiate for wages at market rates, the whole purpose of illegal aliens would disappear. Would they vote for handouts if they weren't working for wages that were competitive thirty years ago?

    As for no illegal people, is that the rationale behind zero bail releases and Chesa Boudine and all the other Soros-financed District Attorneys?