Thursday, September 15, 2022

Remember When Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Was a Big Concern?

 "A recently published measure of PCE (prenatal cannabis exposure) and adolescent brain cognitive development found “PCE is associated with persisting vulnerability to broad-spectrum psychopathology as children progress through early adolescence. Increased psychopathology may lead to greater risk for psychiatric disorders and problematic substance use as children enter peak periods of vulnerability in later adolescence.”[1]  This also argues that widespread use of cannabis represents a substantial risk to those unborn, much like fetal alcohol syndrome.

[1] David A. A. Baranger, Sarah E. Paul, Sarah M. C. Colbert, Nicole R. Karcher, Emma C. Johnson, Alexander S. Hatoum, Ryan Bogdan, “Association of Mental Health Burden With Prenatal Cannabis Exposure From Childhood to Early Adolescence: Longitudinal Findings From the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study,” JAMA Pediatrics, (Sept. 12, 2022).

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  1. So, what do we call it. Fetal Cannabis Syndrome aka Weed Brain?