Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Worrisome Poll

 9/5/22 CBS News:

The prospect of violence is tied in part to a perception of widening divisions: a whopping 80% of Americans believe the U.S. is more divided now than it was during their parents' generation. (And here, older Americans are even more likely to say this, and their parents' generation would have lived through the upheaval of the '60s.) Just as many say tone and civility have gotten worse. 

Then, when they look forward, a majority believe that a generation from now the U.S. will be less of a democracy than it is today. 

As much as our parents' generation complained about long hair on men, no one was confused about their sex.  Our generation (sometimes with bad results) knew the answer to the question, "Sex?" was not an essay answer but "Yes."

Splitting up the country? Only 24% support the idea.  Heck, these people who are destroying this country are a tiny fraction of the population; rich and powerful, but tiny.  

Increased political violence?  64% think it will go up.  86% still think using violence to achieve political goals.  I suspect if you asked some Democrats if burning down cities is violence, they would respond, "Silence is violence."

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