Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Promoting Racial Discrimination in Government Service

 I saw this 8/30/22 Air Force Times article:

According to the memo, the Department of the Air Force wants its future officer applicants to total:

  • 67.5% white (down from the 2014 goal of 80%)
  • 13% Black/African American (up from 10%)
  • 10% Asian (up from 8%)
  • 7% multiracial (no previous goal set)
  • 1.5% American Indian/Native Alaskan (up from 1%)
  • 1% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (no change)

I remembered something from Thomas Sowell's Markets and Minorities, which alas, had no footnote but I was able to find a source for it with just a bit of Google-fu.  12/15/2015 American Postal Worker:

While there had always been some discrimination, “The changes made by the Wilson administration were unparalleled,” DeLaney wrote. “Cabinet members moved quickly to segregate black workers or to purge them from the federal civil service.” A recent study by the Labor Department notes that upon taking office, “Burleson immediately set out on a program to segregate, downgrade and, in some cases, discharge Negro workers… [He] also ordered segregated window service to the public.”...

One way that the Wilson administration got around the merit system rules was by requiring, beginning in May 1914, that job applicants submit photos to accompany the results of their civil service exams.

 Like so much other required racial discrimination, it took a progressive Democrat academic to make it happen.  If discouraging qualified black postmasters in the 1920s was bad, why is discouraging qualified white applicants good?

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