Sunday, September 18, 2022

Trademark "Restaurant" in Britain Right Now

Instapundit linked a TechDirt aeticle that should be a summary judgment with a million pound fine for wasting the court's time:
"One of the cornerstones of trademark law in most countries is that you cannot trademark descriptive terms or words. The reason for this should be obvious. If I start a search engine and want to trademark my company name, calling it “Google” differentiates me from the rest of the market. But if I named my search engine “Search Engine” and then tried to trademark that, it would be rejected because trademark law isn’t meant to preclude competitors from identifying what their products are.

"So, too, should be the case with “taqueria”, which is a word that means “place that sells tacos.” And, yet, it appears that the UK somehow allowed Worldwide Taqueria to register the word. Now that company is threatening another taqueria, Sonora Taqueria, simply for having that word in its name."

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