Saturday, September 10, 2022

Have You Ever Been in a Porsche 914?

If so, I suspect reading this will make you laugh as much as it did me.  A co-worker at JPL had a 914-6, the 6 cylinder version and was it fast.  He took me on a sphincter-tightening ride up Angeles Crest Highway at twice the speed suggested by the advisory signs.


  1. My cousin did that with me in his Porsche, after a full meal and some heavy drinking on some winding California mountain roads. It didn't end well to say the least, at least he only had to clean the outside of the car.

  2. I had the pleasure of owning a 1974 914 2.0 Litre in sunflower yellow for ten weeks. Bought in Gulfport, MS when in USAF engineering training at Keesler AFB. Drove to Illinois then LA basin for first real assignment, getting my first 110 MPH+ road experience... and my first (75 MPH) speeding ticket. Also drove all the local mountain twisty roads and to San Jose and back. It was stolen after only ten weeks. Not high horsepower compared to so many cars today but tremendously agile and fun!