Thursday, February 3, 2022

More Virtue Signaling (It Is a Trap)

 2/3/22 Boise State Public Radio:

Edward Labenski and his wife Cynthia bought a house in Boise in 2018 in the Warm Springs Mesa neighborhood.

Labenski said he was looking over the deed before finalizing the deal when he came across this line.

“Section 23: No part of the real property or any building site or structure shall at any time be sold, conveyed, rented or leased, in whole or in part, to any person or persons not of the White or Caucasian race,” he said.

The only non-White people allowed to be in the neighborhood were domestic workers.

Labenski eventually did finalize the deal.

“But the initial impact of the language was clear and unavoidable, and it has shaped our perception of the home and the area,” he said.

Fine, but since 1948 these clauses have been legally unenforceable:

The answer I received from the author shows that she knows the bill does nothing.  Anyone who votes against the bill will be pilloried in the next election as a racist.  I am sure this is why Sen. Wintrow introduced it.  My previous interactions lead me to believe that she introduces pointless laws to virtue signal and get Republicans to vote against them so they can be attacked for doing so.



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  1. Many terms contained in deeds or mortgages or settlement agreements are not always carefully reviewed before the recipient of the settlement money signs the documents. I had a client in that situation whose settlement document released the defendant from any future claim she might have against them, whether or not they arose from the same event as the suit. Another time, I discovered the quitclaim deed did not provide for attorneys fees. Five point type is hard to read.