Friday, February 25, 2022

Why Trudeau Backed Down on the Emergencies Act Order

 Armstrong Economics:

Based upon reliable sources, Trudeau has been forced to abandon his Emergency Act as a staggering amount of money has fled Canadian banks. Canadians have moved accounts to the United States by the tens of thousands following Trudeau’s freezing bank accounts without a court order which has even included credit cards. Canadians began withdrawing all of their money from their bank accounts with most turning to cash, others to gold, and some to BitCoin. The demand for US dollars more than tripled in the past week.
The sheer amount of money withdrawals from Canadian banks was massive. There appears to have been a 500% increase just in the previous 24 hours. This is the problem with politicians. They are simply UNQUALIFIED to make such decisions. They have no idea that freezing accounts will undermine the confidence in the banking system,

Trudeau has created a very serious crisis and just rescinding his Emergency Act is not going to make it all better. Trudeau has driven a stake through the heart of the Canadian economy and that means that international capital will be skeptical about trusting Canada as long a Trudeau is in power.


  1. I have an idea of what someone powerful must have told this dope = "you know the people are not supposed to know we can destroy them it's not good for stable bank business".

  2. I had some cash in Canadian banks - I pulled it out and moved it to the Caribbean. Although I trust Canadian banks more than US, I don't trust the Canadian government at all.