Monday, February 21, 2022

Defund the Police! As a First Step Towards Anarchy: I Call Your Bluff

The critical race theorists demanded "Defund the police."  The result has been increased murder rates and group looting in California.  If you really want an end to the basic government service of protecting life and property (which often protects the accused from lynching by angry mobs, for which we have widespread historical precedent), then let's go whole hog.  No laws regulating manufacture and sale of machine guns and silencers.  When Antifa/BLM shows up to loot, shopkeepers open up.  Any survivors will be sold into slavery.  Why not?  There is no government to prevent it.

No taxes collected, so no welfare state, except what private charities supply.

No enforcement of antidiscrimination laws.  Kendi, the high prophet of critical race theory has already stated that racial discrimination against white people is okay.  So no laws protecting blacks from the indignities of the past when black people either stayed in inferior hotels or slept in their cars.  (I have gone to church with people who experienced this in Santa Rosa, California, in the 1950s.)

You sure you want this?  Or do you only want selective anarchy.  A big powerful government to do your bidding: trampling peaceful protesters; punishing people with moral qualms about gay marriage; forcing racial discrimination against Asians and whites in the name of "equity."  Think long and hard of where you are going in a nation where blacks are a small minority and privileged whites may not be so privileged without police; where both Asians and Hispanics are beginning to see where the promotion of black supremacy leaves them.

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