Friday, February 18, 2022

Why Facebook Intervened to Help the Democrats

Interrogation of Facebook, "Manager of Community Development, Jeren A. Miles, was allegedly caught in an amateur child sex sting."  You will have to go there to watch Miles give all the wrong answers about his conversation with a 13-year-old boy.  It is too disgusting.

Miles is an LGBTQ activist & serves on the board of directors for Equality California.

Remember homosexuals as child molesters is just a vicious and false stereotype.

As many have pointed out, that job title tested better than Manager of Community Grooming.  You wonder why Pizzagate provoked so much media anger; not necessarily because it was true but close enough to how things really work for the rich and powerful? 

Hint: If you are being interrogated about a felony that many think should still be capital, plead the Fifth.  You are not at an Equality California Board meeting.

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