Monday, February 14, 2022

Some Statements Should Only Be Spoken

 2/11/22 Yahoo Finance:

(Bloomberg) -- IBM executives discussed in emails how to force out older workers and derided them as “Dinobabies” who should be made an “Extinct species,” according to a court filing in an age discrimination case against the company....

In one email chain, an International Business Machines Corp. official described a plan to “accelerate change by inviting the ‘dinobabies’ (new species) to leave” and turn them into an “Extinct species,” according to the filing. Company officials also complained about IBM’s “dated maternal workforce” that “must change,” and discussed frustration that IBM had a much lower share of millennials in its workforce than a competitor, but said its share would increase following layoffs, according to the filing.

You know: IBM, the cutting edge hip corporation. 


  1. Ask Boeing how well such a move went.

  2. So anyone who is not a Millenial who is fired in the next year can sue for age discrimination.