Tuesday, February 8, 2022

And He Was Supposed to Be a Moderate Democrat?

 2/7/22 Business Insider reports on NYC Mayor Eric Adams promoting a vegan diet:

While preparing a bowl of vegan chili in front of City Hall's press corps, Adams veered into a tangent about the addictiveness of certain foods, particularly cheese.

"Food is like a drug," Adams said. "And in fact, the studies show the same level of brain that encourages you to use drugs also addicts you to food.

"Food is addictive," the mayor continued. "You take someone on heroin, put them in one room, and someone hooked on cheese, put 'em in another room, and you take it away, I challenge you to tell me the person who's hooked on heroin and who's hooked on cheese."

There is a bit of published work on crime and heroin addiction. Hint: intoxicated people do things while stoned that they would never do straight, such as beating to death with a hammer two teens who walked in on a burglary.  It happened to a classmate of my wife.

When was the last time cheeseheads committed murder while under the influence of Norwegian BrownGreen Bay Packers' games must be riots.

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  1. Get those cheeseheads Venezuela-level hungry, and they'll not just follow someone on the street eating an apple in the hopes he drops it on the ground, they'll beat him over the head and not bother waiting.