Friday, February 25, 2022

I Have Been Wondering if the Javelins We Provided to the Ukraine Have Received Use

The Ukrainian military says:

Near the town of Hlukhiv, Sumy region, Ukrainian troops used Javelin anti-tank missile systems and neutralized a convoy of Russian tanks.

“Near the town of Hlukhiv, Sumy region, the military used Javelin anti-tank missile systems and neutralized a column of Russian equipment. Fifteen T-72 tanks,” the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine posted on Facebook.

I suspect accurate; the page is now down.  That's the archive.

These things are not cheap.  Please, take out as many Russian tanks as you can.  Make Russia look at the replacement costs.

This is necessarily Ukrainian point of view and so it should be regarded with suspicion but enough details sound right that I cannot immediately call it propaganda.  Anonymous has declared cyberwar on Russia:

The Anonymous team is officially waging a cyber war against the Russian government ... Anonymous is currently involved in operations against Russia. Our operations are directed against the Russian government. Inevitably, the private sector is likely to be disrupted as well," the statement said.

Russia is apparently suffering lots of casualties, both people and tanks.  Give 'em he'll, Ukranians.  I suspect a successful defense will get you into NATO.  (Sorry that is not the order you would have preferred.)

Some Russians grabbed a Ukrainian vehicle, put on Ukrainian battle dress and were "neutralized."  Wearing another country's uniform makes you a spy.

Putin is apparently willing to talk about the situation.   That tells me this has not been the walk in the park he expected. 

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