Sunday, February 6, 2022

Dog Nightmares

The garage even with heater running is too cold for the dogs so they sleep on the bed.  There are times from the worried sounds and twitching that I can tell they are having nightmares, so I wake them up.  They then go back to restful sleep.

What sort of nightmares do English Springer Spaniels have?  Smilodon cloned and revived?  Flocks of 600 pound ducks taking revenge for being chased at Eagle Island State Park?  Bizi-Bone goes out of production?


  1. Dude, how cold is your garage?

    1. Even with an oil heater going, barely above freezing some nights. When it is 19 F outside...

    2. Mine stay out in below freezing a lot of nights. They have home-built wooden dog houses with insulation under the elevated floor and with pinestraw inside. If it stays really cold, I have a caged light bulb inside each house I can plug in and turn on to warm a bit. They never complain. Black mouth cur and hounds. My labs liked the cold even more. I would think the main concern in the garage is how cold the concrete floor gets. As long as they have a bed or platform to keep them off the cold, mine would be great. I do have a challenge keeping their water soft, but I made a heater for that as well.