Saturday, January 22, 2022

Less Drama

A relative who voted for Obama said he wanted less drama.  1/22/22 Fox News:
"Families of US Embassy personnel in Ukraine ordered to begin evacuating as soon as Monday: officials"

This is not "burn the code books" stage but I suspect they are stacked in a fireproof bin. I understand Sweden and Finland will join NATO if Russia invades Ukraine. 

But at least no mean Tweets.  Putin was afraid of Trump.  Let us hope that there are still enough soldiers who know what sex they are to fight a conventional war.

Taiwan better be ready to blow up Three Gorges Dam.


  1. I vote that a carrier group and the best radar installations in the world go to Taiwan immediately. We can hand them over to the Taiwanese Army and Navy just as soon as the Radar system is installed on however many locations as the Taiwanese believe prudent.

  2. Does your relative believe that it is less drama now or less drama when we had mean tweets?
    I recall that someone said the Conservatives took Trump seriously but not literally, and the Leftists took Trump literally but not seriously.
    Now everyone can take The Ghost of Dopey Joe seriously, as Russia, China, and Iran take him both literally and seriously.

    I often think that the only way to interpret the Wooden Indian that holds the title of President is through the lens of the Deuteronomic Historian, who explained that Israel was prosperous and peaceful so long as it followed God's Will, but war and poverty and starvation followed when they fell away from what they were tasked to do in exchange for being God's Chosen People.

  3. Blowing up the three gorges dam would result in hundreds of thousands (have seen estimates of millions) of civilian deaths. Almost certainly a war crime, and unlikely to change the outcome of the invasion. I doubt any Taiwanese leader is seriously considering doing it, no matter what the provocation. The retribution would be total.

    The only occasion I could see that option being used would be if there were an all-out Chinese attack on either the US via nukes, or on Russia.