Thursday, January 6, 2022

Just Ordered a Solar Filter and Sol Searcher for the Televue

 A solar filter goes over the objective.  It is the only safe way to directly observe the Sun through a telescope.  Eyepiece filters crack followed within milliseconds by your retina.  If you ever end up with a telescope with one of the eyepiece solar filters, destroy it so the next person that ends up with it does not use it.

The Sol Searcher is a Televue product that simplifies getting your scope aimed at the Sun, by projecting the disc, camera obscura style on a piece of translucent plastic.

One reason that I like to buy telescope accessories from Agena Astro is that for every product you can easily find the country of manufacture.  Both of the above are U.S. made.

Along with the Spectrum solar filter made in the USA, let me also mention another U.S. maker: Seymour Solar.

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