Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A Non-Answer That Tells You Everything You Need to Know

Sen. Cruz questions FBI official about FBI agent involvement in Jan. 6 riot.  It is a long enough clip that it cannot be out of context.

She refuses to answer the question because methods of gathering intelligence are confidential.

UPDATE: Some people I have sent this to say it does not matter if the FBI incited the riot; some Trump supporters made bad decisions.  But that also means blaming Trump for the riot makes no sense.  Blame the FBI.

New slogan: Defund the National Police.

A better segment where she refuses to answer if FBI agents committed criminal acts on Jan. 6.  


  1. Have you noticed the overlap between:

    1) Establishment Republicans and pols/media on the left who are utterly incurious about 2020 election fraud and potential FBI incitement of domestic "terrorism" (e.g., Jan 6, the Whitmer case).

    2) Strong enthusiasm for "color revolutions" abroad, most specifically and recently the one in Ukraine.

    Do you believe that establishment politicians and foreign policy hacks who are anti-democracy in the U.S. are genuinely pro-democracy abroad? Or do you think it's possible they pursue interests that fundamentally conflict with your values?