Monday, January 10, 2022

Clever Design

I received my solar filter for the Televue today and the Sol-Seeker.  The solar filter is an over the front lens aluminized Mylar filter.  This turns a set fire to newspapers light to something at which you can comfortably look.

What is a Sol-Seeker?  Think of it as a finderscope for solar observing.  It is fiendishly simple.
There is a tiny hole in front that lets sunlight pass through and illuminate a translucent piece of plastic.  You can either look for the Sun's disc on the back or the front of the plastic. Once properly adjusted, put the circle in the middle and the Sun is at least approximately in the center of your eyepiece. (Adjustment discussion with third picture.)
It is held into one of the two slots on the ring with two Allan head screws.
Adjustment.  Loosen the two little Allan head screws in front and move the aperture until the circle is centered on the translucent plastic.  Tighten the screws.

It is all so simple and obvious.  This is much easier than moving the scope until you get a circle of light in the eyepiece.

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