Sunday, January 30, 2022

Oath of Fealty

 When Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle teamed up, the results were better than either of them.  I just re-read Oath of Fealty and I find myself wondering why this was never made into a movie.  Their other great collaboration of the time, Lucifer's Hammer, would have been expensive before modern CG.  But Oath of Fealty, easy.  The jailbreak scene alone would have justified the movie.

Many parts are now dated.  The projection forward from 1980 Los Angeles was plausible, at least to those of us who lived through that horrible time.  Today, Los Angeles is practically civilized by comparison.  Many descriptions of LA remind that I was living in the same areas as Niven.


  1. Mr. Pournelle hated the treatment most books were given in unHolywood, I can only assume that his estate and Mr. Niven feel the same way. Still, the cannibal scene at the nuclear power plant would be worth the price of admission!

  2. I started reading Niven & Pournelle around middle school (1988ish.) They I think I must have been a freshman when I read Oath. That launched me into a very libertarian/punk rock phase that has been softened by the inherent conservative compassion of Christianity.

    I credit Lucifer's Hammer for sending me down the road of being a "prepper" which has now lead me, a city boy, to an 11 acre hobby farm in the country.

    I honestly cannot think of two modern authors who've had a bigger direct and indirect influence on my life.