Thursday, January 6, 2022


I have toyed with replacing the Jaguar with a Corvette convertible but driving today even with AWD and snow tires was a bit more exciting than I like. Any RWD car would be too adventuresome in Idaho winter.  If only there was an oceanfront state not dominated by fascists or extreme heat.

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  1. Six inches on the ground and still coming down hard here in eastern Kommiecticut. Supposed to quit late morning. I drove in on mostly unplowed roads in pure 2WD with all the TSC and VSC nannies off, no problem. The ABS never activated once. My commute to the firehouse is less than 2 miles. If I were headed home right now I might need 4WD to get up the hill, but only if some idiot stopped or got stuck going up. We have had a couple of snowfalls, but this is the first actual storm.